Full Version: A Trading Method That Constantly Beats All Major Spiders
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Are you looking to outperform industry and improve your profits but aren't sure how exactly to pick the right stocks? Has trading become a chore? Would you find yourself buying warm stocks after they have built their big move? Would you like to learn how I increased my portfolio by over 400% in less than 7 years? Are you wanting to discover how I have outperformed the market over the past 36 months by way of a margin of 5 to 1?

Do You Hate Research? . . . I really do!

I have always wanted to find an investment strategy that made sense. An investment strategy in which I do not need to learn the intricacies of the market, predict market trends or follow certain stocks. How to get the inside information of what's hot before the rest of the market knows? I am unable to. Nor do I need to.

Plus, I don't have that kind of time for you to invest in in-depth research. Just like you, I've an everyday work that I need to spend my time and energy to. I'm not really a time trader; nor do I need to spend most of my spare time on the computer doing research. Often after the stock market and getting stock rates is not how I would like to invest my free time.

I Avoid Individual Stocks.. . . They're also unreliable!

Everybody wants to get low and sell high. While millions of people do make money this way (and many millions loose money), I've found a simpler and more effective way to use the market to my advantage. I actually do not trade in stocks. I do what I can in order to avoid individual shares. And I consistently beat the market.. . To discover additional information, we know people glance at: rockwell trading. . month after month after month.

What's the alternative, If not shares?

Like many individuals, I got heavily involved in the currency markets in the mid to late Nineties. Computer stocks were going right through the ceiling and I, like everyone, wanted a part of the action. It seemed a good way to generate income. Everybody was getting rich. You didn't require a specific investment technique to beat the market.

During this time, I immersed myself in the financial markets. I wished to learn the maximum amount of as I could without giving up my day job. I was searching for the next best computer share, IPOs and the sporadic pre-IPO offering. Nonetheless it was not until I discovered possibilities dealing that I discovered an investment strategy (The Yager Trading Strategy) that could work in any type of industry.. . . Bull, Bear or stagnant.

That's right...OPTION trading!

And I am maybe not referring to stock options or writing covered calls. Options trading...I began selling options o-n S&P futures, using different methods and trading methods. And I did well. WELL.

Between July 1998 and January 2000 (a span of 18 months), from my choice trading system, I turned a short $25,000 investment in-to $167,615. That's more than 670 increase. And this is not paper money where you get a share and it has a particular listed value. This is real, taxed income. Gains gathered on the regular basis.

Volatility and Industry fluctuations have declined significantly since then...reducing the costs. Those kinds of earnings are no longer available, however the option trading strategy is still very sound. I however consistently beat the market. Even the decades the DJIA, Nasdaq and S&P were all down, I published higher than a 22% gain.

Understand the option trading strategy or observe to produce money with this strategy. I describe the strategy and show real recent deals on YagerInvesting. The information is FREE. No subscription required. This is a way for risk capital only.

For the preceding 12-months (May possibly '0-6 through April '07) this is how my approach, The Yager Trading Strategy, performed:



S & P 500-----17.3%

Yager Trading Strategy-----32.2%.